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Professional Certified 3D Bike Fitting •  Coaching •


A proper bike fit is essential for optimal performance, efficiency, injury prevention and comfort on the bike, and will provide a rider with the most economic means of expending energy.


Cycling is an activity with constant repeated movements. So forget about wider tyres, more aero wheels or electronic shifting until you have your position dailed in.




  • Retül Lead Instructor

  • Retül Master Fitter

  • BikeFit Lead Instructor

  • F.I.S.T. Certified Bike Fitter

  • SICI Advanced Certified Bike Fitter


  • Canada NCCP Let’s Ride Trained Coach

  • Can-Fit Pro Certified Personal Training Specialist

  • Can-Fit Pro Certified Nutrition & Wellness Specialist

  • Sponsored Expert Level XC Mountain Bike Racer

  • Founder CMBA – Chinese Mountain Bike Association (Ontario)


OUR PHILOSOPHY on bike fitting

  • A fitter must be a rider

  • A fitter must be unbiased

  • A fitter must always seek new research and education

  • A fitter must listen to the rider and address all concerns

  • A fitter must realized each rider is an individual and not one person is the same

  • A fitter must be willing to educate and share his or her knowledge to everyone


A great fit is done by a great fitter and not only by his tools…we aim to provide the best service we can and assure the best possible fit. We utilize the most advanced state of the art equipment to compliment the experience of our fitters.


Bike fitting service can be performed on various bikes such as and not limited to

Road Bikes

Time Trials Bikes

Triathlon Bikes

Mountain Bikes

Cyclocross Bikes

Track Bikes



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F.I.S.T  :







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