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We love cycling as much as we love our life!

In Jan 2012 we finally took the leap of faith to establish Life Cycle. We came about as a desire to bring the energy and passion behind the manifesto to life through something we love - biking.

Life Cycle is a hood to share the hopes, the dreams, the effort, the brilliance, the persistence of will, and the pleasure of riding cycles.
We invite bike commuters, roadies, mountain bikers, and casual riders to join us and to share the experience and joy of life on two wheels!

Cycling is more than a part of life. It is a way of living in terms of personal & community development, health and happiness. And, at Life Cycle, we pursue this goal with style and substance.

We have many feature ideas stretching into the distant future. We welcome your participation in interesting projects for Life and for Cycle!


Life Cycle (Hong Kong) Limited © Copyright 2016

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